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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kyoto Japan Cycling News 24 August 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年08月24日

‘Riding With the Music of My Gears’ New York Times

Vuelta a Espana: Adam Yates eyes debut Grand Tour stage win BBC

Pocket High Street: The anti-Amazon saviour of the high street London Cyclist

Pédaler à tout bout de Champs Libération

JHow female cyclists can combat saddle soreness Guardian

Ciclismo Urbano Bicitekas

ブエルタ・ア・エスパーニャ2014 激戦必死の総合争い
ブエルタ・ア・エスパーニャ2014:情熱の赤を巡る今年最後のグランツール、激戦必死、総合争いは間違いなく今シーズン最も熱くなる!山岳地獄を制するのは果たして誰? Cycling Time

Vuelta 2014: Froome, Quintana, Contador – Clash of the Titans Yahoo

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yamauta 2014 Festival


One of Japan's main peace, renewable resources, vegetarian, campout, live music, hippie confabs will take place in the mountains of Shiga Prefecture, which is just across from Kyoto, from August 23 until September 7.

The 10th annual Yamauta festival features live music, workshops, and lots of family fun.

The three kanji that make up the title mean "mountain," "water," "person."

Admission is not free. A pass for the entire two weeks is 6,000 yen (4800 if bought online in advance). A day pass is 3,000 yen.

The easy non-environmental way to get there is drive in your own car. For those not driving, access from Kyoto Station is:

1. Take the JR Kosei line from Kyoto Station JR Adogawa Station (about 30 minutes).

2. Change to the Ewaka bus Kutsuki Line and get off at "Kutsuki Shisho Mae - Bus stop"

3. Take the Takashima community bus from there to "Oisugi bus stop."

4. It is about 15 minutes on foot from there.

For the ironmen and women out there, it is 45 km on a bike from the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.  We have done the ride to Ohara, which takes about 45 minutes, but have not gone beyond that point.

It would be hard riding on mountain roads, but we may be up for it this year.

View Yamauta Festival Map in a larger map

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kyoto Japan Cycling News 3 August 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年08月03日

Fort Worth Mayor Embraces Cycling as Part of Community Outreach New York Times

British Cycling's Shane Sutton rejects Nicole Cooke criticism BBC

Hit by a car turning left, this cyclist decided to pursue a claim London Cyclist

Un Français en jaune sur les Champs-Elysées, c'est pour demain ? Libération

Jersey's compulsory cycle helmet law: based on emotion, not evidence? Guardian

Ciclismo Urbano Bicitekas

ミアースマンがツール・ド・ワロニーで大暴れ!5ステージ中4ステージで2位、最終ステージを制し、宣言通り総合優勝で2年の契約延長もゲット! Cycling Time

‘I pushed Armstrong lie’: Amazing apology from Lance’s key ally Yahoo

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kyoto Star Festival Tanabata 2014

Kyoto-Tanabata天の川、足元に浮かぶ 「京の七夕」2日開幕

The Japanese Star Festival known locally as Tanabata is about to kick off in two Kyoto locations.

From August 2 - 11 there will be artistic illumination representing the Milky Way.

In central Kyoto, between Oike Bridge and Shijo Bridge on the Misosogi River - the narrow canal that abuts the restaurants on Kiyamachi and sits between the pedestrian walkway and the Kamo River - there will be illumination.

In addition there will be lighting in the Horikawa Canal, which is farther west.

The illumination will be lit every night between 7 and 9:30 pm.

For those going on bike, parking is available on Oike.

More Tanabata events can be found here.

Photo©Kyoto Shinbun (2013)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kyoto Japan Cycling News 27 July 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年07月27日

10 Tours and 205 Tries Later, Australian Wins a Stage New York Times

Glasgow 2014: Track cycling BBC

dhb Blok Fluoro bib shorts review London Cyclist

Jean-Christophe Péraud, le «vieux» qui grimpe sans faire de bruit Libération

Los Angeles bike trains - beating the traffic in a car-centric city Guardian

Paseo Nocturno Bicitekas

カチューシャの選手たちが実戦で使用したキャニオンバイクが特価で販売中!現品のみの大チャンス!ホアキンが、パオリーニが!世界トップクラスの選手達が使ったバイクが手に入る! Cycling Time

Woman killed after being struck by cyclist on pavement The Times of London

Overreaction Theatre: Where were the dancing deep-fried Mars bars? Yahoo

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hiking Mount Atago on July 31 at Night

Mount Atago Kyoto愛宕山千日参り

The night of July 31 is magic in Kyoto.

On that night, thousands of hikers climb Mount Atago - at night.

At 924 meters, it is the highest mountain in the city.

The festival that takes place that night is known as "Sennichi Tsuyasai," which roughly translates as one thousand days all night festival.

The purpose of the festival is to pray to the gods on the mountain for a thousand days of flame (for cooking, heating, life) and, on the contrary, a thousand days of fire prevention.

The hike is about 4 kilometers from top to bottom, though a bit shorter if you start from the opposite side of the mountain.

What makes this event special is that most of the climbers do so after dark. The city strings up lights from the bottom of the mountain, in Kiyotaki, all the way to the very top at Atago Shrine.

As hikers ascend the mountain, they call out "O kudariyasu" (on your way down) to those descending. In reply, they say "O noboriyasu" (on your way up).

At the very top are many lanterns (see bottom left).

Once at the top, pilgrims buy good luck charms to ward off fire and bad luck.

What to Bring

Light clothes, plus something heavier for when you get to the top (the temperature can be quite chilly)
A change of clothes
Light snacks
Small towel for sweat
Bit of cash just in case
Sneakers or light hiking boots

Bus to Kiyotaki

Kyoto Bus:

From JR Kyoto Station: Bus stop No. C6 Bus No. 72
From Hankyu Arashiyama station: Bus No. 62 or 72
From Keihan Sanjo station: Bus stop No. 14 Bus No. 62


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Rainy Season Almost Over in Kyoto

Kyoto Bicycle Chic梅雨明け京都

Rainy season is almost officially over.

The six-week season of cool nights and mornings and muggy days is now in its final throes.

The sound of the cicadas is the main clue. They are singing their high summer song, and it is hot.

That means High Summer is upon us.

In Kyoto, late July until mid-September equals torrid daytime temperatures.

Cycling is brutal this time of year.

We tend to do only local runs - shopping, going out at night - until early autumn.

From that point on, when Kyoto weather is sweet and forgiving, we head into the hills on the bike.


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