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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craft Beer Festa Kyoto 2014


The annual craft beer festival will take place this Saturday in downtown Kyoto.

To be more precise, it will take place on the city's best shopping arcade: Sanjo Arcade. Thus, safely under the roof, rain will not affect the merry-making.

Tickets can be pre-purchased for 2000 yen for a packet of six. Each ticket entitles the bearer to one seven ounce beer.

On the day of the festival, one seven ounce cup costs 400 yen.

Tickets can be purchased here. Online purchasing is not available, and tickets cannot be used to purchase food or any other items.

Many of Japan's best craft brewers will be on hand.

For cyclists, it is a short hop from Nijo Castle or central Kyoto.

Note: it is of course illegal to cycle while inebriated.

Official Web Site


Event: Craft Beer Festa Kyoto 2014
Date: May 10 (Sat), 2014
Hours: 2 pm - 8 pm
Location: Sanjo Arcade (Sanjo Dori between Horikawa and Senbon)


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Sunday, April 27, 2014

World Cycling News Kyoto 27 April 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年04月27日

The Balancing Act That Bike-Share Riders Just Watch New York Times

Giro d'Italia: Team Sky's GB riders Swift and Kennaugh in race BBC

The barrel adjuster: What it is and why it’s a cyclist’s best friend London Cyclist

Gagner le Tour sans dopage ? «Impossible» répond Armstrong Libération

Cycle path fails around the world Guardian

El Caballo del Dandy El Pais

ロジャース、ブラインは晴れて出場停止処分解除へ、ロジャースはL~B~Lでレース復帰へ、新UCIには前途多難、またUCIアジアツアーの先行きに暗雲立ち込める Cycling Time

Anger at lack of cycle funds The Times of London

Armstrong teammate Hincapie pens stark memoir Yahoo

Last Week's Cycling News

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cycling the Silver Pavilion Kyoto

Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto自転車で銀閣寺へ

Ginkakuji Temple, or the Silver Pavilion, represents a particular Kyoto sense of beauty and elegance, often referred to as wabi sabi.

It is a Zen temple in the eastern hills of Kyoto, at the northern end of Philosophers Walk. Work was begun in 1460 C.E.

Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is no silver in the pavilion (unlike the Golden Pavilion, which is coated in gold leaf and is on the other side of Kyoto).

The exterior of the building was originally intended to be covered in silver, but this never came to be. However, the name stuck.

2 Ginkaku-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto
Tel: 075 771 5725

8:30 to 17:00 (9:00 to 16:30 from December to February)


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cycling Kyoto Gothic Quarter

Daruma Temple自転車で京都西陣へ


This Kyoto cycling route winds its way through the southern half of Nishijin. There is no "gothic quarter" in Kyoto, but this neighborhood has lots of laid-back charm and sees virtually no tourists.

For more information, in Japanese (with a link to an English page), here is a page on cycling the Daruma Temple, long narrow old style Kyoto streets, and more.

Ride Kyoto Gothic Quarter ride.


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Sunday, April 20, 2014

World Cycling News 20 April 2013

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年04月20日

Paris-Roubaix’s Quaint Course Is Viciously Bumpy New York Times

Mark Cavendish to miss Giro d'Italia en route to Tour de France BBC

Changes to make to your cycle commute in summer London Cyclist

Paris-Roubaix, une course pavée d'histoires Libération

Summer cycling on the cheap? Bike gear for £25 or less Guardian

Diez razones por las que pasarte a la bici esta primavera (y II) El Pais

火のないところに煙は立たぬ、来シーズンへ向けた契約をめぐる心理戦も開幕!噂が飛び交うコース外、各チームと選手たちの年俸と契約内容をめぐる駆け引きが早くも本格化 Cycling Time

Lorries to be made safer for cyclists The Times of London

Cyclist Horner in high spirits after leaving hospital Yahoo

Last Week's Cycling News

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pope Francis Praises Beauty of the Bicycle


Pope Francis recently warned about the pitfalls of fast cars and, at the same time, extolled the virtues of the bicycle.

"Be joyous and loving while resisting fly-by-night commitments, catty gossip and fast cars," Pope Francis told future priests, brothers, and nuns.

His Holiness was speaking recently to more than 6,000 seminarians and men and women from 66 nations who were in Rome on a four-day pilgrimage as part of The Year of Faith celebrations.



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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kyoto Shichijo Bike Lane Extension

Shichijo bike lane京都七条自転車レーン

Kyoto is quietly adding to its still small network of bicycle lanes.

Shichijo Dori (7th Street), a wide boulevard south of downtown, has had a "lane" for many years.

In the photo at right, it can be seen. It is so narrow in places that one bike can just squeeze through.

As a result, most ignore it and ride a la Kyoto style - on the sidewalk - in the "pedestrian" zone.

New construction though is widening it in places and installing a proper barrier.

A photo of the still under construction lane can be seen below.

It looks quite similar to Gojo (Fifth Street), which has also had a barrier installed.


Shichijo bike lane©

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cycling Kyoto Garden Haradani-en


In the hills above Ninnaji Temple is one of Kyoto's most beautiful gardens.

Haradani-en is also one of the city's newer gardens, having been planted from 1956.

Haradani-en is moreover packed with tourists during the cherry viewing season.

And boy do the buses and taxis ferry in the tourists.

As it is higher in elevation than Ninnaji and most of Kyoto, it offers a second chance at seeing the blossoms.

In addition, the garden has many species of other flowering bushes. There are also plum trees (mid- to late-February), Japanese maples (early November), so those times of year are also busy.

It is best known though for its huge collection of 24 species of cherry trees.

If at all possible, get there before opening.


Admission is a steep 1200 yen. The ride is a steep uphill 2 km up from Ninnaji.
Hours: 9 am - 5 pm
Tel: 075 492 1963


View Kyoto Golden Pavilion to Myoshinji Temple on Bike in a larger map

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

World Cycling News 13 April 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年04月13日

Paris-Roubaix’s Quaint Course Is Viciously Bumpy New York Times

Sir Dave Brailsford quits British Cycling to focus on Team Sky BBC

7 London bike shops you should follow on Twitter London Cyclist

840 «Vexations» et 19 tours de vélo Libération

10 reasons hopping on your bike is the best thing ever Guardian

En busca del Barómetro de la Bicicleta El Pais

バスク一周 2014第4ステージ
バスク一周 2014第4ステージ:OPQSに新たな切り札誕生、ポエルスがまさかの山岳ステージ勝利、コンタとバルベルデの打ち合いがレースを大きく揺さぶる展開に Cycling Time

Cyclists who jump red lights face ‘devastating consequences’, says coroner The Times of London

Swift takes Basque fifth, Contador stays in front Yahoo

Last Week's Cycling News

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cycling Awajishima Island

Cycling Awajishima Island自転車で淡路島一周へ

A bit more than an hour from Kyoto is Awajishima Island, the largest of the many islands that dot the Inland Sea.

The island is a roughly 154 km (95 miles) loop, on roads that mostly hug the coast.

Getting there requires bagging your bike, riding the train to JR Akashi Station - about 55 minutes on the Shin Kaisoku express from Kyoto Station - and taking the Jenova ferry from Akashi.

The ferry deposits you after about 15 minutes in Iwaya.

Follow routes 28 - 76 - 25 to the bottom of the island, at Fukura. This is a good place to spend the night.

Large hills - you will be pushing your bike up for a while, then flying down for 60 harrowing seconds or so - beautiful coastal vistas, and more await.

Day 2 continues along the coast, the Seto Inland Sea coast, back up to Iwaya.

View Cycling Awajishima Island in a larger map

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kyoto Sanga Soccer Update April 2014

kyoto purple sanga京都サンガ2014年

Sanga broke our hearts last fall, for the umpteenth time.

For the second year in a row, the J2 team finished in third place in the regular season.

Kyoto did not make it to J2 - the top two teams gain promotion to the J1 - thus, we are grinding away once again in J2.

In the past there was a distinct class system to the two leagues: big city teams were in J1, smaller city or rural teams in J2.

No longer.

Kyoto is now in J2 with Sapporo, Jubilo Iwata, Fukuoka, Tokyo Verdy, Yokohama FC, and JEF United.

After six matches, Kyoto is tied for third place - one position outside the automatic promotion zone - with 11 points (three other teams also have 11 points but a smaller difference in goals scored versus scored against). The team has won three times, including this past weekend. Shonan is in first place, Jubilo in second.

It's a long season, it's a long season.

Ticket Information (in Japanese)

Cycling for home games at Nishikyogoku is a flat and easy 20 minutes from central Kyoto and parking is free and readily available.

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View Cycling to Kyoto Nishi Kyogoku Stadium in a larger map

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

World Cycling News 6 April 2014

tofu seller bike kyoto今週のサイクリング2014年04月06日

Photos: A Damp Spin Through Brooklyn New York Times

Sir Bradley Wiggins to replace Ian Stannard in Tour of Flanders BBC

Cycling Time Trials Decoded London Cyclist

Le candidat écologiste Eric Piolle frappé dans la rue à Grenoble Libération

Which hotels are the most bike-friendly? Guardian

En busca del Barómetro de la Bicicleta El Pais

デ・パンネ3日間 2014 第2ステージ
デ・パンネ3日間第2ステージ:スプリントステージを制したのは今シーズン新天地で大暴れのモドロ!デマールとクリストフを蹴散らし今シーズン5勝目 Cycling Time

Brain-damaged cyclist wins Met damages The Times of London

America's Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders Yahoo

Last Week's Cycling News

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Japanese Solar Calendar Seimei Period


According to the pre-Gregorian calendar used in Japan, April 5 is the beginning of "Seimei" (bright and clear).

It follows "Keichitsu" (啓蟄) - when hibernated insects begin to awake.

Seimei is one of the 24 periods that make up the year in the solar calendar. Swallows are said to return in this period.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom for most varieties around April 1 (not though for the Omuro Zakura, at Ninnaji Temple, which always come out 2-3 weeks later).

Today is a glorious day in Kyoto, and the cherries are just about perfect.

To welcome the season, we will be cycling Awajishima Island this weekend.

View Cycling Awajishima Island in a larger map


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cycling Kyoto Station to Kiyomizu Temple to the Silver Pavilion

Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto自転車で京都駅>清水寺>銀閣寺

Here is a fairly flat route that takes in some of the big name temples in eastern Kyoto.

From Kyoto Station, you can ride in one day to Kiyomizu Temple, Nanzenji Temple, Eikando Temple, Honen-in Temple, Kurodani Temple, and Ginkakuji Temple (pictured at right).

Also, a good portion goes along the Kamo River, one of the great "bike lanes" in the world.

Note: you will want to park and then walk up to Kiyomizu Temple. Ditto for Philosophers Walk. Both are very crowded with pedestrians.

View Cycling Kyoto Station to Ginkakuji Temple in a larger map

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