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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cycling Awajishima Island

Cycling Awajishima Island自転車で淡路島一周へ

A bit more than an hour from Kyoto is Awajishima Island, the largest of the many islands that dot the Inland Sea.

The island is a roughly 154 km (95 miles) loop, on roads that mostly hug the coast.

Getting there requires bagging your bike, riding the train to JR Akashi Station - about 55 minutes on the Shin Kaisoku express from Kyoto Station - and taking the Jenova ferry from Akashi.

The ferry deposits you after about 15 minutes in Iwaya.

Follow routes 28 - 76 - 25 to the bottom of the island, at Fukura. This is a good place to spend the night.

Large hills - you will be pushing your bike up for a while, then flying down for 60 harrowing seconds or so - beautiful coastal vistas, and more await.

Day 2 continues along the coast, the Seto Inland Sea coast, back up to Iwaya.

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