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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bike Lane Horikawa Dori Kyoto


Pictured at right is one of the bike lanes Kyoto has created on sidewalks of wide boulevards.

It doesn't take a city planner or a transportation expert to realize the many problems inherent in this set up.

First, there is nothing separating pedestrian traffic - the left side of the pavement, which is grayish patterned brick - and the bike "lane" at right.

Second, vendors have set up tables in the lane.

Third, the local Fresco supermarket encourages customers to park in the lane. Several of those bikes can be seen; however, just behind this 15 - 20 bikes were lined up and parked in the purple lane.

Last, as a result of all of this, cyclists will and do ride on the pedestrian part of the sidewalk.

In better news, only two days until debuts!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bicycle Traffic Signs Kyoto

Bikes Stop自転車交通標識京都

Kyoto is flooded with cyclists - but no bike-only lanes.

This leads to various problems and some solutions.

The city for now is increasing the number of parking lots - and towing.

In addition, there seems to be an increase in the number of signs around town aimed at cyclists.

The one above right is quite direct: "Bicycles STOP!" It uses a rough verb form and the normal traffic stop sign in red above.

It also carries a bit of menace as it has the the city office and local police district names noted at the bottom.

At left is a politer sign requesting cyclists to "Please get off your bike and walk." This sign uses the "please" form and can be found on the Sanjo Arcade between Kawaramachi and Teramachi streets.

get-off-and-walk sign
From 8 am until midnight, in this and the adjacent arcades you are not supposed to ride but walk your bike.

Widely ignored and rarely enforced.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike Parking Kyoto

Oike Dori, Kyoto京都駐輪

Kyoto has finally started to take the issue of bike parking seriously.

In addition to several new full-fledged bike lots that have sprung up downtown, the city has also installed bike spaces on Oike Dori (pictured at right) and created a parking "lane" on Kawaramachi Dori.

The former, the bike spaces, are simple to use and free for two hours. You slide your front wheel into the space and it clicks shut to hold your bike in place. When you leave, simply pull the bike out. If you left the bike longer than two hours, you will need to pay 50 yen for each additional hour.

The lanes on Kawaramachi (see bottom left) are an exercise in human behavior modification.

By installing different colored tiles on part of the sidewalk - creating a physical space separate from pedestrian traffic - the city has cyclists politely lining their bikes within this area.

This then makes it much easier to walk on the sidewalk, which is always busy.

These spaces are free of charge.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Path in the Imperial Palace Kyoto

Cycling in Gosho, Kyoto京都御所の自転車道

Kyoto's Imperial Palace has narrow lanes carved into the gravel courtesy of many determined cyclists.

The palace grounds are spacious and beautiful. You are not going to save any time cutting through.

But you will get a great slow ride.

Especially recommended at night when it is dead quiet and the stars are out.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010 to Debut on June 1

Bike near Kamo River後もう少しサイクル京都(が誕生! will debut on June 1.

The site will feature all the best cycling routes, safety information, great photos, hiking in and and around the city - and much much more.