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Monday, August 5, 2013

Kyoto University to Break Ground This Fall on IPS Research Center

Kyoto IPS CenteriPS新研究棟、整備へ 京大・今秋着工

Kyoto University will begin work on a new IPS (Induced pluripotent stem cell) research facility on its main campus in Okazaki. It will be the third such facility at the university, home to more Nobel Laureates than any other university in Japan.

One of them is Shinya Yamanaka, who is leading Japan's charge to take stem cells and use them to regrow unhealthy cells.

The facility in which Yamanaka now works is five-stories and 12,000 square meters.

A second facility is already under construction next to the current building and will be complete in 2014.

The third will be 7500 square meters and we expect ever more Nobels to flow towards Kyoto.

Photo©Kyoto Shinbun

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