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Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review Deep Kyoto: Walks

deep-kyoto-walks京都の書評: Deep Kyoto Walks

Deep Kyoto: Walks is a new anthology of 18 meditative strolls in Japan’s ancient cultural capital. Independently produced by 16 writers who have made their home in Kyoto, this book is both a tribute to life in the city of “Purple Hills and Crystal Streams”, and a testament to the art of contemplative city walking. In a series of rambles that express each writer’s intimate relationship with the city, they take you not only to the most famous shrines and temples, but also to those backstreets of memory where personal history and the greater story of the city intersect. Join Pico Iyer, Judith Clancy, Chris Rowthorn, John Dougill, Robert Yellin, John Ashburne and more as they explore markets and mountains, bars and gardens, palaces and pagodas and see Kyoto afresh through the eyes of those who call it “home”.

Included are:

· 17 illustrations

· A specially commissioned woodblock print by Richard Steiner

· 12 detailed maps

· Links to all locations on Google Maps

· Cover Art by internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Brayer

Though there is much to learn about Kyoto in the pages that follow, this is not a typical guidebook, with a simple set of directions to sites of historical or architectural import. It is an anthology of meditative walks that expresses each writer’s deeper relationship to the area in which they live.

All of the writers in this book have lived in Kyoto long enough to put down roots and call this city their home. They know their neighborhoods with the familiarity of old friends. In the walks that follow they will wander through Kyoto’s streets encountering old and intimate memories, and making new discoveries too. For this old city is alive and ever changing. And in walking these streets and recording their thoughts and feelings, these writers are reaffirming their personal relationship with Kyoto and creating a fine tribute to the city that we love.

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