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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cycling Ohara Kyoto

Ohara Farm House自転車で大原へ

Ohara is a lovely country village in the hills north of Kyoto.

It also has a gorgeous temple, Sanzenin Temple, that is well worth visiting.

From the Kitayama area of Kyoto, head up Route 367 all the way to Ohara. It is a relatively easy incline, and will take about 45 minutes from Kitayam to Ohara, if that.

Also in Ohara are Raigoin Temple, and Otonashi no Taki ("no sound waterfall").

Raigoin is about five minutes on foot up a slope from Sanzenin. It is quieter and less visited than the more famous temple below, and was founded in the middle of the ninth century.

For those with time, a 15-minute ride to the other side of the valley lies Jakkoin Temple. It was severely damaged in 2000 in a horrific act of arson but has been rebuilt.

The area is also along the Kyoto loop hiking trail that begins in Fushimi Inari and ends at Kokedera Temple.

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