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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cycling along the Kamo River to the Katsura River


Want to cycle from Kyoto to Nara? Osaka? Or just down to the Katsura River?

If you live in central or eastern Kyoto, it is a long ride across town to get to the legendary bike path that stretches 40+ km from Arashiyama all the way to Kizu (close to Nara) or Osaka Castle.

It is possible to do the ride from downtown Kyoto along the Kamo River.

Cycling along the Kamo River from as far north as Kitayama or, on the Takano River from Shugakuin, all the way to where the river joins the Katsura River can be done.

Except for one tiny stretch, that means no cars from Kitayama to Osaka Castle, Shugakuin to Nara, central Kyoto to Arashiyama.

For information, follow the map on this page.


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