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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

American Pop Art Exhibit in Shiga Prefecture

米ポップ芸術67点並ぶ 滋賀県近美で企画展

Across the hills from Kyoto in Shiga there is a wonderful Pop Art exhibit at the The Museum of Modern Art Shiga.

The American art form will be on display in "Through the Eyes of Pop Artists" until October 6th.

The exhibit will feature works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and others.

In all, 67 works will be shown.

In addition, Robert Rauschenberg, who spent time in nearby Shigaraki, a pottery village in Shiga, will have four of his works on display.


1740-1 Setaminamioogayacho, Otsu city, Shiga
TEL 077 543 2111 FAX 077 543 4220


By JR, it is a 17-minute train ride to Seta Station. From there, take a bus headed to Shiga Idai (Medical School) and get off at Bunka Zone Mae.

For cyclists, it will take 90 minutes from central Kyoto. Follow the route around Lake Biwa.



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