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Monday, September 23, 2013

Comb Festival at Yasui Konpira Shrine


The comb festival is a bit of quirky Kyoto fun, and it is happening today from 1 pm.

The festival is dedicated to giving thanks to women's combs and kanzashi, or hair ornaments.

It is no secret that Japanese are hair-obsessed and proud.

To give thanks to combs that have served their purpose and are now ready for the Big Comb in the Sky, a procession takes place near Yasui Kompira Shrine. It features women in period clothing dating back 1200 years. The women have their hair done as fashion dictated in the period matching their dress.

In Showa 36 (1961), a comb tumulus (grave mound) was created on the north side of the shrine grounds.

Translating loosely from the shrine web site, the mound is "dedicated to combs, which support the beauty of women's hair, their very life."

The procession begins at 1 pm. There is also a dance performance dedicated to black hair.

Who says blondes have more fun? Not in Kyoto.


Take bus 206, get off at Higashiyama Yasui.

For those cycling, the shrine is in Gion, perhaps the most densely packed part of the city. It is perhaps best to park along Kawabata on the east side of the Kamo River, then walk from there.

The shrine is also offers protection related to traffic safety thanks to the powers of the deity Omononushi no Kami. Cyclists all need a bit of that.


Yasui Konpira Shrine
70 Shimobentencho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075 561 5127

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