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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Kumogahata KyotoCycling Kyoto Kumogahata


In the far north of Kyoto City is a mountain village that is a world apart from the rest of the city.

Kumogahata is a rural village within the city limits.

To get there is a bit of a climb, but from downtown will take only about one hour.

The villages that make up Kumogahata feature several temples, rural scenery, a river (that is in places unfortunately filthy with trash) that is the source of the Kamo River, and mountains.

The area has been inhabited for than a thousand years.

A highlight is the annual August 24 the Kumogahata Torch-throwing Festival.

On weekends, there are a fair number of cyclists on the roads.

Ride Kumogahata ride.


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