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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kyoto Shichijo Dori Bike Lane

Kyoto Bike Lane京都七条通自転車専用レーン

In CycleKyoto's annual awards of Worst Three Bike Lanes and Best Three Bike Lanes, Shichijo Dori did not make the grade for either category.

That is mainly because we were unaware of the lane.

Shichijo is the large boulevard that runs east-west two blocks north of Kyoto Station.

Close to the area around the Kyoto Aquarium, there are lanes on both the north and south sides of the street.

Aside from the worst lane in Kyoto, which is north of Daimaru Department Store and is the width of a normal bicycle's handlebars,  this has to be the narrowest lane in the city.

A single cyclist can however ride on the lane comfortably. Moreover, it is separated from both cars and pedestrians.

However, bushes are growing into the lane, bus stops break it up, and it only runs for several hundred meters.

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