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Friday, November 30, 2012

Kyoto Super Sento Tambaguchi Yamato Yu

Super Sento自転車で壬生やまと湯

Among the great experiences to be had in Japan - for long residents or short-term visitors - is the public bath.

From the humble neighborhood sento to the massive "super sento," getting naked with a bunch of strangers and soaking in a variety of baths is divine.

One of Kyoto's Super Sento is located a short walk from the Tambaguchi Station on the JR Saiin Line.

The area is not on any tourist route. It is an average area, a bit cramped, and aside from Mibu Temple and the Motenashi Museum (a former geisha house), there is not much to see in the area.

But we are here for bathing.

The bath is a 10-15 minute ride from Kyoto Station, one block north of Tambaguchi Station.

You enter the large establishment, take off your shoes and store them in a small joker (the 100 yen is returned after you retrieve your shoes). Next to the information counter is the ticket machine. Press button one. You give the ticket to the person at the counter, who will take your shoe locker key and give you a locker key to the changing room on the second floor.

The procedure is the same as for any sento: you get undressed, take your towel in. First you wash yourself, and rinse all the soap from your body. Then you begin the Big Soak. There are multiple baths and saunas to choose from. When you have had your fill of the soothing waters. there is a restaurant on the first floor in which to enjoy a cold beer.


Mibu Yamato Yu Super Sento
Open daily from 10 am to 1 am
General Admission: 700 yen weekdays, 800 weekends
Bike parking on the left

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