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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bicycle Book Review The Bike Book

book-cover書評「The Bicycle Book」

The Bicycle Book is as good as it gets.

Two wheels. A frame. Two pedals. What could be simpler than a bicycle? Indeed, indeed.

As the back cover reads: "And yet the bike – old, and cheap, and slightly comic – continues to inspire a passionate following. Since the millennium its use in Britain has doubled, and then doubled again. Thousands now cycle to work, and more take it up every day. In trial after trial, it is the bike which reaches its urban destination faster than the car, the bus, the underground or the pedestrian. Self-reliant and straightforward, cycling has recycled itself. It is an antiquated idea, and its time has finally come."

Acclaimed writer Bella Bathurst takes us on a journey through some of cycling's best stories and strangest incarnations, from the bicycle as a weapon of twentieth-century warfare to the secret and thrilling life of couriers and the secrets of framebuilding.

The result is a story of passion and obsession, of exultation, endeavour, and risk. Above all, it is the story of partnership between man and machine, perfectly balanced – a story of love and souplesse.

At last – a bicycle book for the rest of us… a book for the sort of cyclist who likes cycling and reading and stories…’ Guardian

‘The bicycle is the most popular form of transport on the planet… With The Bicycle Book, Bathurst adds her voice to the call that we are now at the dawn of a new golden age of this versatile machine.’ Observer

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