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Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall Tourist Season in Kyoto Over (Yeah!)

Bus Tour Kagoshima京都秋の観光シーズンはもう終わり(ようやく。。。)

The fall colors and temple viewing season officially ended today in Kyoto.

And none too soon.

Twice a year, Kyoto is overrun - colonized - by fume-spewing tour buses the size of aircraft carriers. They disgorge hopelessly confused tourists by the thousands.

They came, they took pictures, they looked up from their maps and iPhones - and now they are gone.

Until late March when the cherry trees blossom.

Cycling during the last three weekends has been trying at best, but now for a bit of smooth and cold sailing.

Full disclosure: the bus pictured above is in Kagoshima, not Kyoto.

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