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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kyoto Fails to Make World Commute Rankings

Kyoto woman cycling日本サイクリングランク京都ランク外れ

On the World Commute web site, Kyoto fared poorly in the amount of non-carbon miles (kilometers) traveled to work, school, and on business. We suspect this has more to do with the number or people who have registered with the site than actual miles/kilometers traveled.

By region, the most members were in Tokyo, followed by Osaka and Kanagawa.

The most miles (kilometers) traveled to and from work was won by those in Osaka. Tokyo was second, with Okayama in third place.

The most miles (kilometers) traveled to and from school was by students in Kanagawa, then Osaka and Tokushima. This is a category Kyoto should win easily.

The most miles (kilometers) traveled to for business, amazingly, was Okayama. Huh? That region was followed by Saitama then Tokyo.

For recreational cycling, once again Osaka topped the charts. Next was Tokyo, and third place went to Tochigi.

Come on Kyoto!

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