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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Japanese Giant Salamander


On oor list of Things To Accomplis Before We Die is to find in the wild a Japanese Giant Salamander.

The salamander is the world's second largest amphibian (slightly smaller than similar species native to China).

Theuy can measure more than 1.5 meters (almost five feet) in length, and are thought to have not evolved for more than 30 million years. These "living fossils" are not aggressive. However, their size and not especially attractive appearance can be unsettling.

In Japanese, they are called osanshouo, or “giant pepper fish.” When threatened they can shoot out a poisonous milky substance that is said to smell like pepper.

In recent years, the Chinese species has invaded Japanese waters and interbred with the local species.

Both species - whether mixed or not - are highly sensitive to pollution.

A good spot for finding the nocturnal lizards is in the Kiyotaki River.


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