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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Season Kyoto Uji Hydrangea Mimurotoji Temple

Kyoto Hydrangeaアジサイ 雨待ち遠し 三室戸寺、試験点灯 印刷用画面を開く

In spite of high summer-like weather - highs are expected to hit 35 (96 F) in Kyoto today - it is rainy season.

That means hydrangeas.

In Uji, Mimurotoji Temple is as good a spot as any to enjoy the flowers.

The temple, which is in the northern hills of Uji, was founded roughly 1200 years ago. It is famed for its flowers, and is a good spot any time of year.

From June 15 - 30, the flowers will be illuminated every night from 7 - 9 pm.

Access on public transportation

Bus number 43 runs between JR Uji Station, Keihan Uji Station, and Mimurotoji Temple. It takes 20 minutes from JR Uji Station to Mimurotoji Temple and costs 220 yen. For those willing to brave the heat, it will take about 15 minutes to walk there from Keihan Mimuroto Station or about 20 minutes from Keihan Uji Station or Uji Bridge.


It is 90 minutes to Uji from central Kyoto. Follow the map below.

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