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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese Sake Tasting in Fushimi Kyoto

Sake Brewery Fushimi日本酒の魅力伝えます 伏見の米国人男性が「楽しむ会」

Sake is the latest Japanese product to enjoy a "boom" in popularity overseas.

Bars specializing in the rice wine have opened in Paris and New York - and, in a familiar pattern - the clear alcoholic beverage is being reconsidered here in Japan.

It was not so long ago the default drink of the oji-san (middle-aged man), and had a whiff of the impoverished, rural, unfashionable past attached to it.

Now, the all important young urban female demographic is lining up to buy sake.

In Fushimi, Kyoto, home to many of Japan's best known makers, tastings are being held.

Jonathan Davidson, a 41-year-old English teacher from the United States, held the third annual JD Kai (Japanese Sake De Au - "deau" means to meet in Japanese) in Fushimi on the 23rd.

A thirsty crowd of thirty turned out for the event.

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