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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Calcutta Bans Cycling


Bicycle commuters make more than 2.5 million trips in Calcutta every day.

More trips are made on bike than in a car.

Why then has the Indian city effectively banned cycling?

Police say the reason is: growing traffic. The roads of the city are often narrow, clogged lanes on which cars, cycles, buses, auto-rickshaws, motorbikes, cycle-rickshaws, hand-pulled rickshaws, and tramcars, and human beings fight for space.

Average traffic speeds just 8 mph-11 mph (14-18 kmph).

Protests are now engulfing the city. Protestors are a combination of rickshaw drivers, environmentalists, and cycling advocates.

For more, read here.

If a heavy-handed government here in Kyoto were to try that, housewives would riot - and the government and police would back down in seconds.

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