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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kyoto Shorinin Temple Celebrates its 1,000 Anniversary of its Founding

Kyoto Ohara声明、大原の里に響け 勝林院、建立千年で法要

Shorinin Temple is celebrating the 1,000th year since its founding in 1013.

The temple is located Ohara, in the hills north of Kyoto.

From October 5th until the 20th, monks from the temple and other sects will be chanting "shomyo" to celebrate that fact.

The chants date from the early Heian Period when they arrived from China to the Tendai sect, to which Shorinin belongs.

The chants can be heard twice a day, once at 10 am and once at 2 pm.

Tickets will be passed about approximately one hour prior to each chanting session. The normal fees to enter the grounds apply.

Ohara is a gradual climb from the Kitayama section of Kyoto. From the center of Kyoto, it is a one-hour ride, from Kitayama a bit more than 30 minutes.


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