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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Kyoto Mega Solar Facility to Open in Yamashina


At a water treatment plant in the Yamashina section of the city, which is on the way to Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa, a new solar plant will begin operation on November 2.

The "mega solar" will produce 82,500 kilowatt hours of electricity, which is roughly a year's supply for 180 households.

The electricity will be sold to the region's power company, Kansai Electric, and is predicted to generate 33 million yen (USD $330,000).

Those funds will be used by the water company to maintain and update its pipes, treatment plants, etc.

This plant joins a larger facility that opened in August in south Kyoto. That facility, not far from the Katsura River, is also at the site of a water treatment plant. It consists of 4,144 solar panels that are expected to generate 90,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, or 36 million yen ($360,000).

In addition,the city has plans to open other mega solar facilities at the Matsugasaki and Ishida water plants.


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