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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elephant Factory Coffee Kyoto Cycling

エレファント ファクトリー コーヒー京都自転車で

Tucked away in a small side street between Kawaramachi and Kiyamachi in central Kyoto is one of the best cafes in the city.

The quirky Elephant Factory Coffee serves up artisanal coffee - slowly.

The coffee is wonderful, the space tight, and tables full.

From the old Maruzen book store on Kawaramachi - now a junky karaoke place, head down the east-west street towards Kiyamachi.

At the first small street - alley - turn right.

The cafe is on the left on the second floor.

For bean freaks, this is the place to head.

Cyclists should avoid Kawaramachi. Ride down Kiyamachi and park wherever you can.


Address in Japanese:
京都府京都市中京区蛸薬師通木屋町東入ル備前島町309-4 HKビル 2F
075 212 1808


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