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Friday, December 27, 2013

You can run over a pedestrian, but don't disturb my flight


Here is an interesting take on the use of cell phones and public transportation in the United States from WASHCYCLE.

I first complained about this on twitter in response to stories that Congress wanted to ban in-flight calls on airplanes for reasons of comfort.

“Simply put, the flying experience in the United States would be forever changed for the worse if voice calls are allowed on flights,” added Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)

Whatever you might think about that*, it does seem odd that their is a panic about banning phone calls by passengers on airplanes, but no urgency for banning phone calls by drivers of cars. Someone pointed out that traffic laws are not in the federal perview the same way that transcontinental flights are. Fair enough - though congress did use a pretty big stick to get states to raise their drinking age and they could do the same here. But now we have local officials weighing in on this.

[Vincent] Orange found time to introduce a resolution that would discourage using cell phones in planes while in the air. It is very appropriately titled "Sense Of The Council Discouraging In-flight Cell Phone Calls Resolution Of 2013."

So, banning in-flight phone calls for reasons of comfort is important, but banning phone calls by drivers is not. Because we all know what is really important.

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