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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Cruise to Chikubu Island Lake Biwa

Chikubu Island竹生島を散策しよう 長浜のNPOがモニター募る

A speck of an island at the northern end of Lake Biwa, Chikubu is a short boat ride from Nagahama.

A local non-profit group called "Machi Tsukuri Biwa" is offering a free trip out to the island.

Trips are limited to groups of 2-5 people, one group per day, every day but Tuesday. The ship departs from the Minami Hamako Port in Nagahama at 10 am. Upon arrival the group will walk around the small island.  The group will return to the island's port by around noon.

In the afternoon, free electric bike are available for cycling the island.

The island is famous for its view of Lake Biwa and is designated as a goddess of music. On the tiny island are Hogonji Temple and Tsukubusuma Shrine.

The waters around Chikubu are among the deepest in Lake Biwa. On the west side, it is 104 meters to the lake bottom.


The trips are scheduled to run until March 23. For information and reservations, call 0749 72 4349.

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