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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bicycle in Makino Shiga

Bike  in Makino Shigaマキノにある自転車

On a recent visit to a restored farmhouse in Makino, Shiga, there was a bike parked unlocked in front of the house.

Makino is about one hour from Kyoto Station on the Kosei Line. It is however a world apart from urban Japan.

It is the last large town on the northeast end of Lake Biwa. For those riding the Lake Biwa circuit, it signals the entry to Oku Biwa, or Deep Biwa, the lightly populated wild part of the lake.

Makino is well known for its beaches and mountains. In summer, bathers come out for the clear waters and sun; in winters, heavy snows bring skiiers. The owner of the home told me that snows of 2-3 feet are common - about the height of the bicycle in the photo.

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