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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New "Bike Lane" in Kyoto Oike Dori

Oike Bike Lane Kyoto自転車通行帯くっきりと小池通の歩道、今春から

This spring work will begin on a "bike lane" on Oike Dori, one of Kyoto's main boulevards.

The sidewalk on Oike, which fronts Kyoto City Hall, is very wide on both sides of the street. The city already has painted a bike "lane" on the sidewalk adjacent to the street.

However, by the end of March a new clearer lane should be complete.

At a cost of $696,000 (US), the city will paint wider, clearer separation lines that stretch from the Kamo River to Horikawa Dori on both the north and south sides of the street. The total distance is 1.75 kilometers (a bit more than a mile).

The lanes will be noted with bike symbols, upright signs, and a thick white lane on the pavement to separate the bike lane from the larger remaining area of the sidewalk for pedestrians.

Alas, however, there will be no barrier. That means the effect will not be that different from what already exists (see photo above). Irresponsible cyclists will inevitably end up in the pedestrian lane, and clueless pedestrians will chat and stroll in the cycling lane.


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llewellyn said...

Sounds similar to new works here in Canberra ,Australia. When cycling paths, walking paths are built or upgraded they sometimes (at peak traffic hours)become so crowded with walkers, skaters ,cyclists and those who walk themselves and their dogs (on long springy leads)that it becomes preferable to ride on the road with vehicle traffic instead.

Byron Kidd said...

You're starting to sound like me!