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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bicycle Book Review Best Bike Paths of New England: Safe, Scenic and Traffic-Free Bicycling

Bike Paths in New England自転車の書評

As we have often noted, Kyoto has few cycling lanes (there is one real lane in the city, for those counting). Cycling in and among traffic is not pleasant.

For those who prefer bike paths, and are in New England, we have a book for you.

"The Best Bike Paths of New England: Safe, Scenic and Traffic-Free Bicycling" is a bike book for beginners, those just getting used to touring - but who want to take scenic rides.

In the US, the rails-to-trails - converting unused railway lines into bike paths - is creating a serious network throughout the country.

These are free of cars, red lights, and cars.

TV personality Wendy Williams has written a guide to such paths in New England. "The Best Bike Paths of New England" organizes paths by state and is comprehensive.

It includes:

1) A map of each state showing you where the path is
2) A detailed description of the path, including mileage
3) General background, including the history of the path and any useful tourist information
4) The level of difficulty, type of scenery, and condition of pavement
5) Availability of food and bathrooms
6) Directions, including the most accessible parking area

An excellent work.


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