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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Riding through NishijinCycling Kyoto Nishijin


In the western area of central Kyoto is the old "western camp," or better known today as Nishijin.

During the Onin War of the 15th century, in which most of Kyoto was destroyed by warring factions, the area now called Nishijin (literally, "west camp") was where one of those factions set up camp.

For many centuries thereafter, and up to the present, Nishijin has been synonymous with textiles and the kimono.

Nishijin today is a warren of narrow streets great for cycling, where you can in places still hear the whack-whack of looms at work.

There are many small temples, good cafes, several public baths, and a few museums.

Ride Nishijin ride.


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