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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hiking Kyoto Ohara

Kyoto Ohara自転車とハイキングで大原へ

Ohara is a rustic country village in the hills north of Kyoto.

It is best known for Sanzenin Temple, which is well worth visiting.

From the Kitayama area of Kyoto, cyclists and hikers can head up Route 367 all the way to Ohara. It is a relatively easy incline, and will take about 45 minutes from Kitayam to Ohara, if that.

For hikers, it is perhaps best to take the Eiden railways to Yase, and then hike the 7-8 km from there.

Also in Ohara are Raigoin Temple, and Otonashi no Taki ("no sound waterfall").

There are also several onsen (hot spring) in the village near Jakkoin Temple.

Ohara onsen offers over night stays, but for those who want to take a bath and not stay a 1,680 plan is available. You get the bath and a beer after (or before).


Ohara Onsen
18 Kuso-cho Ohara, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 601-1248
TEL: 075 744 3300

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