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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tracking Toxic Particles and Pollution in Kyoto Online

PM 2.5携帯・スマホで無料注意

For those with a smart phone, the ability to read simple Japanese, and a slightly masochistic streak, we have just the site for you.

The site - Otenki Navigator (Weather Navigator) - will from te 25th of this month begin tracking the amount and size of micro particles of toxic material that is floating over from Chinese factories.

When those particles are 2.5 micrometers or smaller, they "tend to penetrate into the gas exchange regions of the lung, and very small particles (< 100 nanometers) may pass through the lungs to affect other organs." For no fee, you can check when the particles are of that size, thanks to Nihon Kisho, an Osaka company that runs the site.

The site provides a one-week prediction for particles, broken into twelve regions of Japan (metropolitan Tokyo, Tokai, Kinki, etc.).

To sign up, click on the above link with a smart phone or cell phone and register.

We are not sure if we want to know...


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