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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Japanese Importer of Bianchi Bicycles to Pay 150 Million Yen

Bike Shop Harajuku「ビアンキ」の自転車事故で1.5億円賠償命令

The Japan importer of Bianchi bicycles was ordered by the Tokyo District court to pay 150 million yen ($1.58 million USD) in damages to a sixty-three year-old man who was injured when he was riding a Bianchi.

The man, Hiroshi Nakajima of Tsukuba, suffered paralysis of the limbs after falling because the front wheel of his bicycle fell off while he was riding.

Nakajima sued Cycleurope Japan Co. for 180 million yen and was awarded almost that amount, which is unusual.


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1 comment:

Yokota Fritz said...

Is there information on which model bicycle and what actually happened?

"Suspension" suggests a mountain bike to me or maybe some kind of hybrid. Did the wheel come off because of an unsecured quick release skewer?