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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Trees Kyoto桜前線駆け足にやきもき 京の観光関係者

After a cold winter, the cherry trees were until recently predicted to blossom later than usual.

However, thanks to a few warm weeks, the blossoms are nearly upon us in the ancient capital.

The "front line" of the cherry blossoms has reached nearby Osaka, and is heading north to Kyoto.

Last year the blossoms opened up on April 3, which is six days later than a normal year.

The early blooming this year may as a result miss many of the city's illuminated events. The canals, for example, in Okazaki that wend through museums and city's zoo are lined with cherry trees. They will be lit up from March 30 until April 21. Canal boats however cannot change their schedules.

Still, weather permitting, the canals are lovely with or without the perfect blossoms.


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