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Saturday, March 9, 2013

River Work in Arashiyama Kyoto

Togetsukyo Bridge嵐山桂川改修に3案 国交省 景観へ影響必至

Work is set to begin on the bridge and paths along the Katsura River in Arashiyama.

As a result of damage from a typhoon in 2004, work on weirs will take place, embankments will be raised, and the river bed lowered by 1.3 - 2.4 meters.

In addition, the bridge itself will be extended. 

As with any work in a culturally rich - and sensitive - area, one worries about the look of the work.

Can the Ministry of Construction and local officials and companies come up with a plan that is environmentally friendly, not terribly corrupt in terms of awarding contracts, fiscally responsible, and attractive?

Also, from a cyclist's perspective, one of Japan's best and longest cycling paths - from Arashiyama to Kizu, not far from Nara - begins almost at the foot of the above bridge. What disruption, change, improvement is likely to occur?


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