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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spa World Osaka Cycle

Osaka Spa Worldスパワールド世界の大温泉

Osaka likes things big and loud.

From its clothes to its dialect, its mobsters to its baseball fans, Osaka is not subtle.

Ditto for Spa World, a mega super sento (public bath) in south Osaka.

The emporium includes an onsen (hot spring), gym, hotel, "food zone," European onsen, Asian onsen, various massages, and a pool. We are probably forgetting something - but forgive us, it is big.

And a bit overwhelming at times. Basically, here is what you do to take a bath.

Cycle or take the train to Dobutsuen-mae Station. For those on a bike, it is not far from Tennoji.

1) When you enter, you buy a 1000 yen ticket at one of the machines.
2) Present that at the entrance.
3) You will be given a wrist band (do NOT lose this - you will be billed 5000 yen if you do).
4) Take shoes off before stepping up onto the carpet.
5) Put shoes in locker (you need a 100 yen coin, which you get back when you retrieve your shoes.)
6) Go up to the floor for your sex (on the day we went, it was the 6th floor for men; you will be told at the entrance).
7) In the locker room, put your clothes, etc., in an open locker. Grab a towel - in bins at the edge of each locker - and enter the bath.

After that, it is like a normal public bath: wash your body first, then enter the bath(s).

After you are finished, dry off, change into the blue pajamas - in bins as you exit the bath - and go back to your locker

8) When you leave, you have to do deposit the wrist band into a machine on floor two (the entrance). Take the receipt to the exit wickets and place the bar code on the glass portion of the wicket (a guard is there and will help you).

For a 1000 yen, it is an "experience." Compared to a good old sento, it is...large. The baths are fair, but it is very popular with overseas tourists.

Still, bathing in a room about half the size of a football field with 20 meter high ceilings is worth the price of admission.


3-4-24 Ebisu-higashi Naniwa-ku
Osaka 556-0002
Tel: 06 6631 0001

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