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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kyoto Cuisine Named an Intangible Cultural Asset

Hyotei Chef Takahashi京料理、無形文化財に 「瓢亭」当主を認定、全国初

Kyoto's traditional cuisine - in Japanese, "Kyoryori" or "Kaiseki" - has been named an Intangible Cultural Asset by the Kyoto prefectural government.

One of the chef's premier purveyors of such cuisine, Eiichi Takahashi (pictured), the fourteenth generation chef at the Michelin Guide three-star restaurant Hyotei, was was of those recognized by the government.

Other examples of Inangible Cultural Assets include washi paper, weaving, pottery, metal work, glass work, and Japanese dance.

Kyoto's traditional dining traces its roots to the court, which was until the 1860s located in Kyoto. Its history is some 400 years old.

Today, the best known restaurants are mainly in Gion or Arashiyama.

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