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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Late Night Stroll Through the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Gosho京都御所の夜桜

Following an early spring "nomikai" (night at the pub, or to be more exact izakaya), we rode back home to the Ninnaji Temple area from downtown via the Imperial Palace.

It was cold but the cherry trees in all their ephemeral glory were worth getting off the bike.

Few were in the park. A few solitary walkers and the usual police car that does a huge circumference of the huge park were visible. Otherwise, we had the park to ourselves.

Today is a perfect spring day, which will start the draw the curtain on what has been a perfect cherry blossom season.

The blossoms will start to fall, creating a "cherry blossom blizzard" around the photo buffs, those out for a stroll, and picnickers.


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