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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cycling Kyoto Four Geisha Areas


For those with the geisha-bug, here is a route map for cycling to see the four main areas in Kyoto where the women ply their trade.

Three of the four - Pontocho, Gion, and Miyagawacho - are all close to one another.

The final area, Kamishichiken, is in northwestern Kyoto, about 30 minutes on a bike from Pontocho or a bit more from Gion.

In places, it is not possible to ride. Pontocho for example is too narrow; Gion can be brimming with tourists.

Parking can also be an issue. For Pontocho, cyclists will want to park somewhere along Kiyamachi - no easy trick - and then walk to and along Pontocho.

Happy cycling.

View Kyoto Geisha Theaters (Gion Kobu, Miyagawacho, Pontocho, Kamishichiken) in a larger map

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