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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cycling to Kyoto Keirin Racing Track

Kyoto Keirin自転車で京都競輪

Kyoto's local Keirin bicycle racing track is not pretty.

It is heavy on concrete and green cloth awnings and hard edges - a developing country's idea of an Impressive Project.

And a lot of middle-aged men missing teeth.

Still, the races are a thrilling cat-and-mouse game.

Kyoto's track is 500 meters long, so races run for five laps (Keirin races tend to be 2,000 - 3,000 meters long).

Each race has nine racers, with the final race limited to the highest ranked racers. (Keirin is, like European soccer, broken into level. Based upon one's performance it is possible to be promoted - or demoted - to another level.)

Racers range in age from early twenties to some in their sixties. The strongest racers tend to be in their mid- or late-30s

For much of the beginning of the race, the pace is almost leisurely. By the third lap, however, the racers are all over the track frantically vying to position themselves for the final sprint to the finish.

Gambling is allowed - no, it is encouraged. If you are interested in so doing, you had best buy a racing form or sports newspaper and brush up on your Japanese.

The entrance fee is a mere 50 yen (55 US cents). The first race sets off at 10:50 am; the last race begins at roughly 4:20 pm. There are small stores that sell coffee, fish lunches, beer, ice cream, and more.

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From JR Mukomachi Station (3 local stops from Kyoto Station), it is a 20-minute walk or 5-minute free shuttle bus ride.

From Hankyu Higashi Muko Station, it is a 15-minute walk or short shuttle bus ride.

For cyclists, it is a flat ride along the Katsura River to the south of Kyoto (see map below). It will take about one hour from central Kyoto.

Upcoming Keirin Races in Kyoto 2013

April 30, May 1, May 2


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