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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Byodoin Temple Uji Kyoto Wisteria Gets a Haircut

Byodoin-Wisteria平等院の藤棚、集中治療 2年後再生へ

The 270-year-old wisteria on the grounds of Byodoin Temple in Uji, which is south of Kyoto, got a haircut.

In part, the work was to improve the health of the plant and is taking place as renovations are being undertaken on the main hall of Byodoin.

In good years, as many as 1,500 buds come into bloom.

In recent years, though, the tree has begun to show its age.

Hopefully, 90% of those blossoms will revive in future years.

Cycling from downtown Kyoto to Uji will take 90 minutes to two hours.

Photo © Kyoto Shinbun


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