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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sanno Festival Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine April 12-15


Tomorrow we will be among the masses at Hiyoshi Taisha shrine in Otsu, Shiga, carrying a portable shrine (mikoshi, in Japanese).

The festival is called Sano Festival and dates 1300 years. It is based in the historic Sakamoto area of Otsu, Shiga, which is where retired monks from Enryakuji Temple live.

The festival is a three-day lollapalooza.

The mikoshi shrine is carried up Mt. Hiei on day one, on the second day a sacred tea ceremony takes place, and God knows what on the third day. (Actually, on April 14, seven mikoshi (portable shrines) will be carried from Hiyoshi Jinja to a boat on Lake Biwa. They are then returned to the shore about one hour later.

In addition to blood type, I was asked for an emergency contact phone number when sending in my details to the organizers, who are a bit short of manpower and sent out the word to festival leaders in Kyoto.


A short walk from Sakamoto Station on the Keihan Line, or a fifteen-minute walk from JR Hieizan-Sakamoto Station on the Kosei Line.


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