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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cycling Amidaji Temple Ohara Kyoto Japanese Primrose

Amidaji Temple“五重塔先端”鮮やか林立 左京でクリンソウ見ごろ

At Amidaji Temple in Ohara a rare species of flower is now in full bloom.

The temple was founded by Danzei in 1609 and is a small lovely space north of the main part of Ohara.

The prefecture of Kyoto has designated "kurinso" (Primula japonica, or Japanese Primrose) as a species threatened with extinction.

At Amidaji Temple, however, it is alive and well and flourishing.

Japanese Primrose grows in mountain wetlands.

In Japanese the flower is often described as resembling a five-story pagoda as its stem looks like a "kurin" - the nine vertically stacked rings of a pagoda finial. (For non-architects, a "finial" is an "architectural device, typically carved in stone and employed decoratively to emphasize the apex of a gable or any of various distinctive ornaments at the top, end, or corner of a building or structure.")

Ohara is a beautiful area north of Kyoto, which is thirty-minute ride from Kitayama.


The entrance fee for Amidaji Temple is 300 yen. It is open from 9:00-4:30
Telephone: 744-2048

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