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Friday, May 3, 2013

Velo Taxis in Kyoto "Taku Taku"

Kyoto Bicycle Taxi自転車タクシー 地域の足

The old "rickshaw" is in a chic, modern incarnation making a comeback in Kyoto.

There are of course rickshaws in the city - Arashiyama, Nene no Michi, Gion, Heian Shrine - for the tourist market.

But the new velo taxis are aimed more at the local market. The pedicabs currently can be used to go to traditional restaurants and festivals.

The company that runs them, "Taku Taku," began service in 2011 in central Kyoto. This fall the company plans to expand its routes.

In Shimogyo Ward, where they operate, 23% of the population is elderly. This is less than the citywide average, but many of those people live alone and have come to enjoy the service.

Each of the taxis is equipped with a motor.

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