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Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Kyoto Cycling Site


We recently discovered a new site on cycling in Kyoto.

Cycling Kyoto is a great addition to Kyoto's English-speaking and bilingual cycling community.

It is a source of information and simultaneously a call to turn off the PC and hit the road with like-minded people.

In the words of its HP:

行きましょう! (Let's go!)

Let's ride together!

We love cycling for many reasons: it can take you to and through breathtaking places, give you a huge sense of achievement when you conquer that particularly steep mountain and let you enjoy a healthy and active life.

Soaring mountains, wild coastlines and centuries of rich history combine to provide a wealth of exciting cycling opportunities across Kyoto, Kansai and Japan as a whole.

We hope you will enjoy finding out about us, what makes us tick... and then join us for a ride!

To dispel any possible confusion, CycleKyoto (this site and blog) and Cycling Kyoto are not affiliated.

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