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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mifune Festival in Arashiyama


May 19 will witness the annual Mifune Festival in Arashiyama.

At 2 pm, 30 boats bearing participants dressed in imperial garb will sail up the Oi River. Prior to that, at noon, the procession will start from nearby Kuramazaki Shrine.

The festival is affiliated with Kurumazaki Shrine and dates back some 1,100 years.

For cyclists, Arashiyama is always tricky. There is so much to see, yet the hordes can be off-putting.

On May 19, you can expect 100,000 to watch the "action" from the bridge and river banks.

Go early, park perhaps a distance from the river, then walk.

Kurumazaki Shrine is a patron saint of the performing arts.



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