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Saturday, May 11, 2013

World Naked Bike Ride and Why We Love Kyoto


As summer approaches, we give thanks for many aspects of life in Kyoto: local produce, a slower pace of life, cool evenings, strolls along the Kamo River or in the Imperial Palace, cold local beer on the decks by the river, the sound of cicadas, the spectacle of young people in heat.

Another reason is that the World Naked Bike Ride has not, thank God, found its way to Kyoto. And thanks to our stern friends in blue, we doubt it ever will. The police would not look kindly upon a bunch of naked or even semi-naked cyclists.

On a personal level, the sight of a bunch of nude tattooed white exhibitionists pedaling around on their fixed wheel bikes is not attractive.

In the United Kingdom,  LA, and other American cities, this "movement" is spreading. Alas, the image that comes to mind is of a sweaty ass glued to a (n unfortunate) expensive bespoke leather saddle.

We are old school - no tats, not into public nudity, try not sprinkle our speech with "like," do not use "so" at the beginning of sentences - and find the whole concept of nude biking bewildering.

Sorry, folks, no photo today.


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