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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Park and Ride in Kyoto Fall Tourism Season

Raku Bus Kyoto秋の京観光、イライラ少なく パーク&ライドが最大規模に

In order to avoid one of Kyoto's annual events - fall traffic jams - the city is promoting "Park-and-Ride."

As the moniker suggests, the city would like tourists to drive to a distant parking lot, and then take public transportation.

With Kyoto's decent public transportation network - JR, Keihan, Kintetsu, Eiden, Randen; Kyoto city buses, JR buses; and two subway lines - this is often possible.

Especially during peak leaf-viewing time - two weekends in November (16-17, 23-24) - traffic in certain areas such as Higashiyama, Arashiyama, etc. can be horrendous.

The city will set up free lots on those two weekends, one at Tambaguchi with connections for Keihan rail lines.

In the aforementioned areas, moreover, there will be restrictions on driving at those times.

In our humble opinion, this is all fine and well. However, two other options - more permanent - would solve much of the traffic congestion.

Bike lanes around the city would make cycling a much more attractive and safe option, both on those peak weekends and year-round.

Second, bringing back the trolley network that was discontinued in the late 1970s would go a long way to helping locals, students, and tourists get around the city safely, quickly, and comfortably.

For both, dedicated lanes are key.


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