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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Bikes in Arashiyama

Arashiyama Bicycles京都嵐山にある自転車二台

On a chilly fall Sunday, we rode via Nishi Kyogoku - home to Kyoto Sanga, the city's soccer team - along the bike path to Arashiyama.

It was blustery and overcast but many were out.

The local farmers were busy in their fields; nearby college students were barbequing.

Not far from Matsuo Taisha, a little league baseball game was taking place. Parents huddled in small groups and cheered on the boys.

When we got closer to Arashiyama, much of the debris from the September storm could be seen. Branches, dirt, and trash were piled up in mounds along the banks of the river.

Once in the touristed areas of Arashiyama though, foot traffic was so thick that we turned back without crossing the Togetsukyo Bridge and heading into the main drag of the neighborhood that runs in front of Tenryuji Temple and a bit further up the famous bamboo grove.

This coming weekend will be even more congested as the leaves should be out in all their glory.


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