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Monday, January 21, 2013

Estimated Time of Arrival for Roads Were Not Built for Cars


Still waiting?

As are we.

Here is the latest update from the author of "Roads Were Not Built for Cars," which is STILL in production.

"When is the book due to be published? I’m plumping for sometime in Spring this year. Most of the research has now been completed, I now just need to crack on with writing the text; sourcing a bunch of illustrations; coding the fancy-schmancy iPad version; designing the e-book and the print book; sorting ISBNs; and then publishing in a variety of formats. Just!

Now two years in gestation the book has taken a lot longer to research than I thought it would. This is mainly because I’ve been spinning off at tangents, finding new areas to explore, digging out deeper and more convincing evidence to show that cyclists had far more influence on government road policies than previously thought. Not just previously thought by the public at large, but by social history and transport academics, too. I’ve also been my travels, scouring libraries in London, Detroit, Washington D.C., among other places, unearthing primary sources to back up the book’s central thesis."

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