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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tour de France Centennial Race in Saitama Japan October 2013

bike festa kyotoツール・ド・フランス記念大会、埼玉で開催へ

To commemorate the 100th running of the Tour De France, a suburban prefecture in Japan is going to sponsor a race this October.

Saitama Prefecture, which is outside of Tokyo will host the race. About 50 cyclists will participate in the race, among them past champions.

As always, the Tour de France will be held in France in June and July.

Two months later, the race in Saitama will take place to mark the centennial of the French Tour de France.

The main venue will be the Saitama New Urban Center part of the city's Chuo Ward.

The city estimates 100,000 visitors will attend the race.

Saitama, long derided as "Da-Saitama" (which combines "dasai," uncool or unfashionable, and Saitama), is a semi-rural, semi-exurban sprawl criss-crossed by rail lines. It has been called the New Jersey of Japan.


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